Want to Recover the Authentic Self You Lost In Childhood?

Do you know that most people start to lose the experience of their Authentic Self shortly after they are born? Do you know the Authentic Self slowly goes underground as it is replaced by a "false" self that attempts to survive and adapt to an often inhospitable social environment where true self expression is prohibited? Do you know this means that most individuals wind up "living" false or inauthentic lives often associated with unexplained feelings of emptiness, purposelessness, depression, confusion, pessimism and despair? Finally do you know that it is now possible to shed the ties to the false self and progressively and permanently reinstate the True Authentic Self, i.e. You, at the center of your being once and for all?
Let me start by reminding you that the experience of the Authentic Self is one in which one feels confident, self assured, loving towards themselves, worthy and deserving, peaceful, empowered, free, in charge of one's mind/body and life, strong, self validating, emotionally independent and self sufficient, self directed, in full ownership and authority over themselves, centered, grounded, joyful, resilient, creative, spontaneous, alive, present, clear, discerning and much more.
Now it is likely that as you read the above paragraph you may have begun to connect with or re-experience some or all of the above feeling experiences. If you did then that is a sign that your Authentic Self is beginning to reawaken within you.
Most people experience this "opening" in their Heart region. That is because what I refer to as one's Life Force Energy (LFE) which is the energy/wisdom from which the Authentic Self is sourced "enters" (or "re-enters") the mind/body at that point and then spreads like a wave throughout the rest of the being.
So if you read between the lines there you've realized that the mind/body is in a state of LFE deficiency as it tries to go through life here. That's much like your car trying to drive itself down the highway without you; a rather scary, empty, out of control feeling!
So how does LFE, and hence your Authentic Self, get depleted/separated from the mind/body in the first place?
Well, as mentioned, when one is born here they begin to experience events that prohibit, prevent, inhibit and undermine the LFE's right to remain in the mind/body and therefore in control of it. This is equivalent to losing one's freewill and becoming a pawn to external societal pressures.