Walking Frames Offer Greater Mobility and Independence

Days have long gone by since a stick from a patch of woodland had to be cut and shaped to be used as a walking stick for an elderly person who has lost part of their mobility. These days there are a great variety of mobility devices available that make balancing and moving a lot easier. A walking frame is a well priced, flexible device that adds enormous mobility to anyone who does not like depending on others to go to the shops or around the corner to see a friend or relative.
A walking frame enables the user to be on the move for a long period, giving him or her enough time to achieve daily priorities. Many frames have wheels attached, making the movement a lot less jerky and therefore offering a more pleasurable walking time.
There are several options for walking frames
Frames with two wheels are designed with the wheels placed in the front, while two legs take up the rear. This offers increased stability for the user. However, they are quite light in weight and need to be manoeuvred if used outside when negotiating pavement kerbs and other uneven surfaces. This really makes them more suitable for use indoors where the user knows where rough edges are likely to be encountered.
Frames with three wheels resemble a tricycle and are surprisingly easy to control and in particular their ability to be turned is remarkably easy and they can even be squeezed into some quite small places.
Frames with four wheels are the SUVs of walking frames and are extremely stable and quite heavy but they can negotiate some quite rough terrain. Due to their greater flexibility good brakes are vital and need to be checked for quality before purchase. They have extras that can be added such as a seat and a basket suitable for shopping.
Checklist before purchase
No person wishing to purchase a walking frame should go out on impulse to buy one, but they should contact their health professional first to ensure that they know exactly what they are looking for. There are various considerations such as height and weight along with the extent of the mobility problem. No purchaser should ever walk away from a retailer without having a good practice run on the chosen model. It is important that the device is comfortable to use and easy to manoeuvre especially when weighed down with a full shopping basket. A good fit will offer years of increased mobility and will open up many new doors.