Promotional Tips for an Independent Artist

1. Have a Website

It's important to have a website that represents your brand. There are many rapper and singers in the world, but how do you want to be known? This is probably the most crucial to your promotion campaign as an independent artist. Make sure every aspect of the site represents who you are starting with the color scheme all the way to the content you post. A website also sets you apart from the rest of the artist online who may only have just a reverberation page. If you want to maximize your success it's best to have your content everywhere, so still continue to promote on such sites like reverberation, but also keep in mind that a website lets you market and promote yourself to only your target audience. To have an even bigger curve on the competition check out Google AdWords. When used correctly this is a powerful to bring in traffic.
2.Video: YouTube, Viddler, etc...
This is the digital age where you can connect to people all across the globe, and though you can't be in more than one place a time. What video lets you do is connect to people in cities you may not be able to tour in. Also video lets you control how you want to be seen to your target audience. If you want to build long term fans who download your newest mixtape on the release date, buy your album, and then show support by showing up to one of your shows, then you need to make them feel like they know you well enough to want to buy from you, and call themselves a fan. Ask yourselves why do you support your favorite artist. It's not just because they make good music. You probably watched them in interviews and thought "Wow "blank" is a pretty cool person, and it would be cool to spend a day with them". You need to make your target audience feel the same way about you, and video is a great tool to use.
3. Facebook,Twitter,etc...
Most likely before you started out promoting yourself as an artist you already had either a Facebook or Twitter account. But let me tell you these social networks are not just to connect with lost friends or family members. If used correctly these sites can be powerful tools to let you connect directly with your fans. You can talk to the very people who downloaded your mixtape, without having to leave your living room. Then they can go and share your videos and music to their family and friends, and if you have built up a pretty big following and friend list then imagine how widespread your music will go. If you already have a personal Facebook or Twitter account I recommend you get one dedicated specifically for market and promoting your music. On Facebook you can even set up a free page for people to like and support your music.
4. Network, Network, Network!!!
You have probably heard the saying it's not what you know, but who you know. This is probably most true in the music business. Yes it is important to connect with your fans, but it is also important to network with people who can help further your career. This doesn't mean go spamming people saying "Hey Check out my music". No! don't do this. This we only hurt you in the long run. No one will respect or want to work with you. The best way to network is to try to build genuine friendships with people. If a friend asked you for a favor you would gladly help them out. Another way for you to build connections with people is to go for the people who receive the less inbox's, but yet are the most important. Don't go hitting up Beyonce or Jay-Z. Instead find out who is their manager, look up A&R's looking for artist like you, build a connection with a music producer who is serious about getting your music heard to the right people.
5. Business Cards
Lastly if you want to be really innovative and present yourself as a serious artist get some business cards. This allows you to have all your contact info with you at all time, and you can easily distribute it to others. Because, you'll never know who you'll run into while your just hanging out at the waffle house.