Heroes Who Lost Their Lives

Throughout history there have been many individuals who have died believing very deeply in something. Heroes can be soldiers who have fought in battle, Politicians who believe in a better way of life, or even humanitarians that believe in helping other people. Nothing makes any category more important in our world, but they have all contributed to how we are shaped. This article will take a look at some of history's popular heroes. There is no way that we could write an article about every single hero that is died, but here we will talk about the ones who died before their time.
For Americans, George Washington was one of the first figures that the new country believed in. He helped America gain their independence against Great Britain, helped put together our Constitution, and even served as our first elected President. He believed in having a stable, financial country and wanted to avoid conflicts that other countries might face. Also due to his influence, there are many things that still stand in our government that he instated. Examples of his influence can be seen in the assembly of a Presidential Cabinet and the inaugural address. George Washington led out his life and retired to his home. One day he was out inspecting the grounds and got wet and did not take proper care of himself in the cold weather. Due to these events, he fell ill and eventually died. People mourned all over the world including leaders like Napoleon. In probably one of his final great acts, Washington freed all of his slaves in his last will and testament.
Another American hero that continued to fight for the equality that George Washington set in motion was Martin Luther King Jr. With almost two centuries separating these men it is hard to see the connection. However, Martin Luther King Jr believed in equality of all citizens, including African Americas. He was a strong activist throughout his career and moved Americans with his speeches and resilient nature. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with his beliefs and in 1968 his was assassinated when standing at his hotel. King died shortly before his 40th birthday. His efforts were not in vein and equality was eventually granted and he has gone down in history as being one of the strongest leaders in the movement.
Several years before Martin Luther King Jr, the world was introduced to one of his heroes, Gandhi. Gandhi became an ideological figure in India throughout the Indian independence movement. He believed in non violent protest and asked that his followers do the same. Even in the face of heavy opposition and physical threats, Gandhi stood his ground. In India he is now celebrated as the Father of the Nation. Gandhi ended up dying for his beliefs but has continued to influence history.
These men fought for what they believed in and ended up dying before their time either by assassination or pure determination. They are proof that you never know what can happen to you on any given day and that it is important to be prepared. By having a life insurance policy, you protect yourself and your loved ones. Do not let the fear of death stop you from protecting yours. Research your life Insurance options and find a policy that is right for you.