How to Talk about Art: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to art, where do you start? We’re excited to announce an inviting 30-minute Skillshare class on the fundamentals of defining, discussing, and finding contemporary art.
In collaboration with Skillshare, Artsy’s Learning Team and Gallery Partnerships Manager Jordana Zeldin have created “How to Talk about Art: 

A Beginner's Guide” as an “Art 101” for our era. The class opts for straightforward language that everyone, even those who have felt lost or skeptical about contemporary art, can use in their search to engage with art.
Each lesson brings ideas to life with examples from Artsy’s partner galleries, museums, and even public spaces. In these four lessons, you’ll learn how to:
Identify what you’re looking at
Look closely, ask questions, understand context, and discuss specific works of art
Approach art exhibitions in different spaces

The goal of this class is to empower you to approach artworks that may seem intimidating, and to give you tools to experience the art you love in a thoughtful and satisfying way.

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—Artsy’s Learning Team and Jordana Zeldin. Jordana Zeldin is a Gallery Partnerships Manager at Artsy, a docent at The Whitney Museum of American Art, and an independent artist representative.  

How Art Is Helping Veterans Overcome PTSD

Approximately 2.6 million United States service members were deployed to serve in the military from 2001 to 2011, during the period of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). And research suggests that 10–18% of veterans from those operations return home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Intense and debilitating fear, depression, negative moods, and nightmares interrupt their daily lives.

Among the various clinical techniques and tools used to treat service members with PTSD, art therapy is a strong option. A 2012–14 survey at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE, the outpatient clinic dedicated to treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland) ranked art therapy among the top five most helpful techniques used to treat veterans.

NICoE is one of 11 sites across the U.S. that hosts Creative Forces, the creative arts therapy initiative launched by the National Endowment for the Arts and Department of Defense, which employs art therapy, music therapy, and dance therapy to treat psychological disorders related to post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In addition to these clinical sites across the country, and one telehealth program to help service members living outside of those communities, the initiative also funds research in the field.

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How Long Do People Really Spend Looking at Art in Museums?

Roughly 16 years ago, two researchers wrote about a paradox they observed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lisa F. Smith and Jeffrey K. Smith—now both professors at the University of Otago—had been studying how visitors experience museums for years. They focused on the way museum-goers thought about their jaunts through white-walled institutions and extolled the cognitive pleasure that came with looking at art. The Smiths found that visitors professed to love museums, describing the experience as “incredible,” “breathtaking,” “outstanding,” and “a thrill of a lifetime.”
But they also noticed something else: People don’t spend that much time looking at art. So, they wondered, in what would become a seminal study, published in 2001, “How can people be so deeply moved by works of art that they have viewed so briefly?”

To answer, they took a step back and asked another question: How much time were the people strolling the halls of the Met spending looking at art? Working with a volunteer, the couple monitored 150 people as they looked at six paintings from the museum’s collection, including famous works like Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851) by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze and the The Card Players (1890–92) by Paul Cézanne.

They found that the mean time spent looking a painting was 27.2 seconds, while the median time was 17 seconds, and the longest time was 3 minutes, 48 seconds—recorded as one person observed Rembrandt van Rijn’s Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (1653). So, long before the age of the iPhone (and digitally stunted attention spans), Smith and Smith concluded that “a [museum] visit is not characterized by long looks at a few works of art; it is characterized by brief looks at many works of art.”
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MLK is still mainly famous for trailblazing civil rights, creating urban wastelands like Detroit, and helping to turn the South Republican. 

But that could all change with the release of yet more FBI files detailing the Crypto-Commie's scandalous sex life. The files, containing reports from 1968, have been declassified as part of the newly released John F. Kennedy assassination files, and report King having an all-night sex orgy at a church "training workshop."

The Weinstein Rule -- named in honour of the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein -- shows that it doesn't really matter what you have achieved in your life once the juicy details of your sex life get out. As soon as that happens, all the public see -- to use Weinstein's own example -- is some freak jacking off into a potted plant or trying to rape unwilling starlets in hotel rooms, rather than an Oscar-winning producer. 

It should also be pointed out that all the recent revelations of prominent leftists like Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and others living dirty double lives has primed the public to reexamine the "holiest" of Leftist icons, Martin Luther King himself.

So, the release of declassified FBI files on Friday (3rd Nov) is well timed to set the ball rolling, turning the Civil Rights icon from MLK into KYJ and "I have a dream" into "I have a hard-on," etc.  

The files have been declassified as part of the recent release of files relating to the John F. Kennedy assassination case, and include a 20-page report that King had an 'all-night sex orgy' with nasty hookers at a church training workshop in Miami in early 1968.
1960s prostitute plies her sordid trade.
A section in the report titled "King's Personal Conduct" describes the orgy in detail: 
"With funds that he had received from the Ford Foundation, King held the first of two workshops in Miami, Florida in February, 1968, to train Negro ministers in urban leadership. One Negro minister in attendance later expressed his disgust with the behind-the-scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on at the conference. Several Negro and white prostitutes were brought in from the Miami area. An all night-sex orgy was held with these prostitutes and some of the delegates in attendance. One room had a large table in it filled with whiskey. The two Negro prostitutes were paid $50.00 to put on a sex show for the entertainment of guests.A variety of sexual facts deviating from the normal were observed.

Previous Sexual Experiences

This activity is not new to King and his associates. As early as January, 1964, King engaged in another, two-day drunken sex orgy in Washington, D.C. Many of those present engaged in sexual acts, natural as well as unnatural, for the entertainment of onlookers. When one of the females shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King and other of the males present discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect.

Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to the public view as a moral leader of religious conviction.
The report also mentions details of King's mistresses, including an affair with the then popular folk singer and extreme Leftist, Joan Baez, as well as an illegitimate child."
Leftist power couple: King and Baez
When previously reviewed by the FBI/JFK Task Force in 1994, during the Clinton Presidency, the documents were marked for "total denial" of release to the public. 

One can only wonder what other documents detailing King's depravities and marked "total denial" are gathering dust in the FBI archives.


An artist's impression of what the next German coalition government will look like.
BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel put on a brave face (let's face it any face would be better than her own) and said that she is "still optimistic" about the chances of creating a "Frankenstein coalition" composed of completely disparate parties, after an initial round of talks completely failed to produce positive results.

Following the September 24 election, which deeply dented the power of Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union and gave the nationalist Alternative fur Deutschland a large number of seats, the Chancellor has been struggling to put together a coalition with the Greens and the Free Democrats.

Merkel told reporters there are still “difficult” discussions ahead “but I still believe that we can tie the ends together if we make an effort, and in a way that allows every partner to emphasize its identity.”

LOL, sounds like a shit sandwich to me. Let's face it whatever finally comes out of these talks is going to be a gruesome monster, probably dragging a skin flap, that will turn voters increasingly to the Right.

The Greens are a LAPRy, signally hard left party. These are essentially the same cucks and race traitors who were holding up "Refugees welcome" signs a couple of years ago when Chancellor Merkel temporarily mislaid the country's borders. 

The Free Democrats meanwhile are basically the German equivalent to the Tea Party, economic neo-liberals who believe in balanced budgets and cutting back government intervention. 

Good luck getting these two parties to work in tandem with the cuckservative CDU, Frau Merkel. If you pull it off, for your next trick may I next suggest you try mating an elephant and a butterfly.   
At least this would be aesthetically pleasing.


In a shocking case of human rights abuse, an Uzbeki man, hospitalised after a tragic shooting incident in New York on Halloween, was denied the right to put up a small ebony-coloured flag with Arabic writing on it that would undoubtedly have boosted his morale and aided in his recovery.

What makes this story even stranger is that the flag is believed to belong to a group named after an ancient Egyptian goddess that the US government and its allies were supporting until comparatively recently. Even stranger the group in question has for many years heroically fought against an evil tyrannical regime that President Trump himself has accused of gassing its own people. 

The hospitalised man is also believed to have been involved in an unfortunate traffic incident that occurred shortly before the tragic shooting incident. In that incident a truck unexpectedly drove along a bike lane, slightly killing several people.

None of this was of course in any way related to Islam, which, as we know, is a religion of peace. 

In other news, the same man was also denied a request for bomb-making materials, which he claimed would give him something to do to kill the time while he was in hospital. 

(Note: this piece was written by our new intern who hopes one day to write for a mainstream national newspaper.)


In what looks like a politically motivated case, Daniel Friberg's former company appears to have filed a report with Swedish police, alleging that the company engaged in fraudulent share dealing around the time that Friberg left the company. 

As reported by the Leftist tabloid Aftonbladet:
The company's new management suspects that several people, including a former Swedish Democrat politician, have dumped shares on other shareholders. Former CEO Daniel Friberg must have known of the transactions, according to the police report. The mining company Wiking Mineral has financed Daniel Friberg's extreme right business for several years. He runs the website Nordic AltRight, the Motpol think tank, and the book publisher Arktos. In May 2015 Friberg became CEO of Wiking Mineral. The new management of Svenska Bergsbruk (formerly Wiking Mineral) now suspects that several of the old management dumped shares by allowing Wiking Mineral to buy their almost worthless shares in the associated interest company Nordic Resources at overpriced values."
According to information in the police report, the former Swedish Democrat politician was allowed to convert his shares in Nordic Resources to shares in Wiking Mineral through a so-called offset issue, receiving 292,500 Swedish Krona for his shares, even though they were allegedly worth only 11,200 Swedish Krona. The plan by which shares were converted was offered to only three of 600 shareholders in Nordic Resources.

The Afronbladet article also mentions the response to the allegations by the former Swedish Democrat politician, who remains unnamed in the article (probably to protect the newspaper from being sued for libel. He denies the allegations and writes in an e-mail that the details of the case stem from the new management's willingness to dispose of past connections to identitarian politics. The Swedish Democrat politician also claims he lent money to Wiking Mineral, which had a liquidity emergency at the time.
"I see this police report only as a part of a game," he said in an email. "It has of course no bearing."
The bottom line here is that all companies engage in complex transactions that can be viewed either kindly or unkindly by the authorities as they choose. It therefore follows that if the government doesn't like your politics, your business transactions will be subjected to "special scrutiny." 

It was to avoid such politically motivated financial investigations that Daniel Friberg divested himself from Wiking Mineral in the first place, so that he could concentrate his energies and resources on Alt-Right activities. The fact that the authorities are now seeking to use this process of divestment against him, shows us what a thought criminal he now is in Sweden. All Alt-Righters should support Daniel 100%. 


Some bright spark in the UK Conservative Party had the brilliant idea of putting together a list of all the minor sexual misdemeanours of various Conservative MPs. Now that list has been leaked to the media. We produce the whole list below with all the names of the MPs involved and the often cryptic references to their sexual peccadilloes:

Damien GreenFirst Secretary of stateAshley Madison + handsy at parties
Dan PoulterImpregnated former researcher and made her have abortion + had other female researchers (Gornalf)?
Andrew MitchellInappropriate with women, including interviews + paid a female to be quiet
Stephen CrabbSexual relations with SpAd and inappropriate with women
Matt HancockMinister of State, DCMSSexual relations with member of his private office
Boris JohnsonForeign SecretaryNDA between him and Danielle Fleet (Philip Davies' researcher)
Mark GarnierDIT MinisterInappropriate with women, asked PA to buy sex toys
David MorrisInappropriate with female and male staff + Alexandra Swan
Michael FallonDefence SecretaryOdd sexual penchants and sexual with fellow MP Mike Freer - a drunk
George HollingberyPPS to PMHandsy with women
Nigel AdamsWhipSexual relations with Robert Halfon's researcher Emily Burditt and others
Conor BurnsInappropriate with male researchers + Augustine Chipungu
Charlie ElphickeInappropriate with female researchers
Nigel EvansInappropriate with male researchers - long history
Guy OppermanMinister, DWPNicknamed Guy "Copperfeel + handsy with females
Jake BerryMinister, DCLGImpregnated Alice Robinson
Justin TomlinsonDates his researcher Catherine Bennet
Bob StewartPerpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women
Chris Heaton HarrisWhipInappropriate with female researchers + handsy in taxis
Chris PincherWhipInappropriate with male researchers and heavy drinker + touched Tom Blenkinsop
Michael FabricantInappropriate with male journalist in a taxi
Michael EllisDeputy LeaderTakes his personal trainer to the Cinema and to private rooms at Carlton
Robert HalfonInappropriate with female researchers and Alexandra Paterson + Dickinson at EIC
John WhittingdaleInappropriate with female researchers + uses prostitutes for odd sexual acts
Liz TrussChief SecFornicated with male researchers whilst backbench MP + sexual relations with Kwasi Kwarteng
Daniel KawczynskiInappropriate with male researchers
John HayesTransport MinisterInappropriate with female private office staff
Liam FoxDIT SecretaryAdam Werritty
Alan MakInappropriate with female researchers and journalist + asked to take 3 female aides on holiday
Claire PerryTransport MinisterInappropriate with male MPs after and pre-divorce
Chris SkidmoreCab Office MinisterInappropriate with females (redacted)?
Rory StewartDEF? + FCO MinisterAsked female researcher to do odd things (Sophie Bolsover)
Steve DoubleAffair with female researcher who was married to journalist at his local paper
Will WraggVideo exists of three males urinating on him
Dom RaabJustice ministerInjunction for inappropriate behavior with a woman
Grant ShappsAffair
Nicholas SoamesInappropriate with female researchers
Mark MenziesKnown to have used male prostitutes
Amber RuddHome SecretaryWorkplace relationships with Kwasi Kwarteng (PPS to the Chancellor)
Alun CairnsWelsh SecretaryLikes to have intercourse with men who are wearing women's perfume (recently came out)

Now that homosexuality and interracial sex are no big deals in the UK, almost none of these so-called "scandals" are big enough on their own to merit much media attention, although the video of three men urinating on Will Wragg may raise a few eyebrows even in our benighted age.

But the fact is that most of the people on the list are just accused of "inappropriate behaviour," whatever that means these days. This could be anything from wearing one's socks during intercourse to serving the wrong aperitifs before a bondage session. 

No newspaper today would find much mileage in any of these scandals on their own. But put them all together in one big list and then leak it, and things change. Suddenly the story develops "critical mass" by becoming "systemic" and "symbolic," and the media now has a target for what would have been just so many "so what?" stories. 

Whoever came up with this list must therefore have been either a moron or a genius. In fact, given the destabilising effect this list could have on the UK government, which already has the slimmest of majorities in Parliament, we are firmly in conspiracy theory territory. 

Is this ultimately some clever scheme to thwart Brexit? Or else is it an attempt to take the wind out of the sails of the Prime Minister's main challenger, Boris Johnson, who makes an appearance on the list for ancient and now forgotten offences? 

Who knows? All that is clear is that this list gives the media a useful frame to dredge up every petty little sex scandal involving a Conservative MP. In short, it makes Tory sex scandals into a kind of viral meme.

Already one of those named, Sir Michael Fallon, has resigned as Minister of Defence. His offence? "Odd sexual penchants and sexual with fellow MP Mike Freer - a drunk," according to the dossier. Does this mean he was bisexual or that he merely "teamed up" with Mike Freer to hunt pussy together? Don't worry, the media will get round to telling us.

In other news, he also shocked the nation by putting his hand on a woman's knee 15 years ago!

This is fast becoming a ridiculous mini "House of Cards" farce. The US "House of Cards" series was of course based on a British TV series of the same name, staring the great Ian Richardson. It looks now like it's coming home.


The published polls would have you believe that Australia is about to vote YES to legalise same-sex marriage when the two-month-long postal voting period finally ends on November 7th.
But things may not be as done-and-dusted as the YES camp seem to think, according to new research. 

Before going into this, it should be pointed out that gay marriage is one of those issues that exist now, where most people are extremely reluctant to give their true opinions. 

This is because many people strongly dislike "gay marriage," but don't think that it is important enough to go to war over by openly expressing their true views on the issue. They also know that to do so will immediately have them labelled homophobes, and that there will be little support from cuckservatives on the right. So, many people just prefer to keep quite about how they feel, or pretend they approve. 

Because of these factors, predicting the result based on normal opinion polls is practically impossible. This is why researchers, David Tufley and Bela Stantic at Griffith University’s Big Data and Smart Analytics Lab in Queensland, Australia, decided to use advanced data techniques to get a more accurate picture of how the vote would turn out.

Using the same models they used to successfully to predict Trump's presidential election victory, they came to the conclusion that the pro-gay YES vote is set to lose.

Explaining the outcome Tufley and Stantic wrote:
"We looked at the publicly available data from 458,565 anonymised Australian tweets making reference to same-sex marriage over October 2017. We gauged the sentiment of these tweets with a rule-based model that combines a domain-specific lexicon (a dictionary of terms with assigned sentiment weighting) with a series of intensifiers (the punctuation, emoticons and other heuristics). Together, this makes it possible to know which side of the debate the person sits on, and how strongly they feel about it...

On the face of it, when all the captured Tweets were considered, there appears to be overwhelming support for Yes, with 72% in favour. But digging deeper, we see that some individuals sent more than 1,000 Tweets in support of Yes. Of the 458,565 Tweets we examined, the number of unique users came down to just 207,287. Taking the sentiment of the unique users into account, the adjusted figure in support of Yes comes down to 57%...

Looking carefully at the demographics, it emerges that less than 15% of the total Tweets were sent by people over the age of 55. Of these over-55s, only 34% expressed support for Yes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which is conducting the postal vote, from the total number of people in Australia eligible to vote, around 36% are over 55. If we consider that the same proportion of over-55s and under-55s do not vote, then based on the opinion of the 207,287 unique social media users, the total support for the Yes position comes down to 49%."
So, there you have it. It's going to be a close run thing, but NO is set to win, meaning that marriage that actually creates life will not be equated with "marriage" merely defined by ejaculating one another's anal passages. 

The YES campaign have tried to use their institutional power to railroad through this change in the law, so their failure to achieve their goal by the narrowest of margins when they thought they had it in the bag should be a cause of major butthurt.


Conservatives are weak as shit after too many bad curries. This is why they should be hosed off the face of British politics as soon as possible. 

The latest proof of this comes with the pathetic sex scandal that just brought down the UK defence minister Sir Michael Fallon. 

So, how many children did he rape? 

How many nuns did he skull fuck?

How much coke did he snort off a hooker's ass?

Well, actually, none. 

The really horrifying thing here is that he resigned because he merely touched a woman's knee 15 years ago. Yes, touched it, and then stopped touching it when the woman said "not interested." 

He didn't even snort coke off it! 

As reported by the Leftist BBC:
Radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer had recounted the "mildly amusing" incident without naming Sir Michael. After his identity was revealed in the Sun, she tweeted saying she had not been 'remotely upset or distressed.' A spokesman for Sir Michael said he had apologised when it happened in 2002. Ms Hartley-Brewer, a former political editor of the Sunday Express and regular political commentator, has criticised 'wild rumours and claims' circulating at Westminster.

She said she did not consider herself a victim after the incident which happened over dinner at the Conservative Party conference. After the minister kept putting his hand on her knee, she said: 'I calmly and politely explained to him that, if he did it again, I would punch him in the face. 'He withdrew his hand and that was the end of the matter.
There, that's it. That's all it takes to finish a political career these days if you are a "cisgender white male." Three years as Defence Minister pissed away because some woman who didn't even give a fuck at the time had her knee touched 15 years ago. 

The knee of the creature on the left is considered sacred in Britain and must not be touched by the lowly White male on her Right. 1,400 underage girls raped in the small town of Rotherham by non-Whites is no biggie, however.

Can you imagine what it will be like 5 years from now. You'll be sent to jail for "hover hand." Also imagine the kind of freaks and weird monks that will be left, once all the normal heterosexual guys have been weeded out? This is the kind of mad hysteria that passes for politics in the UK these days, No wonder it is fast becoming a gruesome gynocracy of old hags and their soyboy hangers on. 

You may not like it, but this is what "peak performance British political male" looks like in 2017.

Eventually they'll make a connection between White guys with a high or average T-count and "unwanted sexual advances" (btw, all sexual advances are "unwanted" until they're not). Mandatory testosterone testing will be brought in -- only for White males of course, as testing non-Whites and Black women could fuck up the progressive stack. 

This will inevitably result in high-T males being rounded up and sent to camps for accelerated soy treatment.

If they are Alt-Right they will take to the hills and set up resistance camps. If they are get-along Conservative cucks like Sir Michael Fallon, they will meekly surrender themselves to their opponents to await their sad fate. Rather like the lion in Narnia, but without any hope of resurrection.

The present poor state of British masculinity is shown by this children's drawing of Narnia